A Skills-First Blueprint for Better Job Outcomes

A Skills-First Blueprint for Better Job Outcomes

Our latest report, A Skills-First Blueprint for Better Job Outcomes explores all the ways in which the pandemic accelerated the shift to a skills-based talent ecosystem, and why all organizations should be moving towards a skills-first mindset to chart a path towards a more equitable and efficient hiring system. A few key findings: 

  • Skills are Changing:  The skill sets for jobs have changed by around 25% since 2015. By 2027, this number is expected to double.

  • The Pandemic Pulled the Future Forward: In 2020, LinkedIn members added digital skills to their profiles at a faster pace compared to the past two years combined. 

  • Skills-First Hiring Can Work for Both Job Seekers and Hiring Managers: Hirers on LinkedIn leveraging skills data to find the right match are 60% more likely to find a successful hire than those not relying on skills. 

  • Identifying Similar Skills Helps Workers Pivot to New Roles: LinkedIn’s research shows a Cashier has a 70% skills match to a Customer Service Representative, a pivot that is fairly common on our platform.

  • Amidst the Great Reshuffle, Investing in Skills is a Key to Retention:  Employees say opportunities to learn and grow is the #1 driver of great work culture, but only 52% of employees feel their manager encourages the use of work time to learn new skills

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