The Future of Work Report: AI at Work, November 2023 uncovers the latest real-time trends we see around how AI is ushering a new world of work, grounded in LinkedIn’s unique labor market insights, based on one billion professionals and 67 million companies.

Explore our latest findings and insights around:

  • Professionals’ conversations and sentiments towards AI: Over the past year, AI has rapidly become a part of the cultural and business zeitgeist. See how conversations around AI on LinkedIn have increased over time and dive into executive and professional sentiment around AI, while understanding how companies are investing in AI talent.

  • Generative AI (GAI) by education, generation, and gender: While we know that across the globe more than half of professionals’ roles will be changed to some degree by the rise of AI, we also know that some professionals will be impacted more significantly than others. Our findings reveal that professionals with advanced degrees, Gen Z, and women will see their jobs disrupted at higher rates than other professionals.

  • LinkedIn’s AI-assisted products will create more value for members and customers: More than half of LinkedIn’s global members stand to benefit from GAI tools in their daily jobs. Learn how LinkedIn is building new ways to bring the power of GAI to serve professionals and businesses in this rapidly changing environment.

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