World Economic Forum's The Global Gender Gap Report 2017

LinkedIn partnered with the World Economic Forum on their Global Gender Gap Report 2017, which examines whether countries distribute resources and opportunities equitably between women and men.

As detailed in a blog post by Sue Duke, Senior Director of Public Policy, insights drawn from LinkedIn data on global gender representation included:

  • Women represent fewer than 50% of leaders in every industry analyzed. ┬áIn some fields, such as energy and mining or manufacturing, the representation of women is even lower, with women holding fewer than 20% of leadership positions.

  • The rate of progress for women has been slow. Over the past decade, the proportion of female leaders has increased by an average of just over 2% across the 12 industries studied.

  • When women are better represented in leadership roles, more women are hired across the board. LinkedIn data suggests that a critical step in the closing the gender gap will be accelerating the representation of women in leadership roles.

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