LinkedIn Workforce Report - Professional Edition | Ahmedabad | H1 2018

Over 50 million professionals in India have LinkedIn profiles; over 1 million company pages; over 500 thousand weekly active jobs and over 50,000 skills added by members to their profiles to showcase their professional brands. This gives us unique and valuable insight into trends in India's professional workforce.

Within Ahmedabad alone, we have almost 1 million members from more than 70 thousand companies. Migration exchange to and from Ahmedabad is fairly distributed across north, central and south India.

Our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. Whether you’re an employer, a new grad, or a policymaker, we hope you’ll use insights from our report to better understand and navigate the dynamics of today’s labor market.


Key Insights

  1. Education led growth in net transitions in Ahmedabad in H1 2018, followed by Retail and Corporate Services.
  2. Software Engineers and Solutions Consultant are the most posted jobs. Tech-related jobs such as Software Engineer and Software Design dominated the top 10 list, as did sales roles such as Area Sales Manager.
  3. Migrant exchange to and from Ahmedabad is the highest with Mumbai and Vadodara. There was relatively more outflow to Kalyan and Bengalaru, and more inflow from New Delhi, Digras, and Pune.

Relative Industry Growth (H1 2018)

Share of Job Postings in India (H1 2018)

Volume of Migration

In-Demand Migration

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